Choosing a Great Coach

If you live in New Zealand and follow rugby, you’ll probably remember (or maybe you’ve erased from your memory), a day back in early October 2007. It was a day that I am sure the All Blacks, not to mention most New Zealanders, would like to forget. Let me remind you of that dark day. Quarter finals of the 2007 Rugby World Cup - All Blacks vs France, a game the All Blacks were expected, and should have won comfortably. However history was not on the All Blacks side that day and the French ultimately knocked New Zealand out of the race for the cup.

That All Blacks team, led by the great Richie McCaw and the coaching staff, led by the fabulous Graham Henry, were the best of the best for that time, how could things have gone so wrong? As history records following the campaign loss, there was an inquiry launched with a number of conclusions reached, which I won’t bore you with. Graham reflected some years later and said the one thing he had learned from that fateful 2007 quarter final defeat was “Not to take it one game at a time in a World Cup”. In 2019 Richie said loosing that quarter final was the best thing that happened to him because he wouldn’t have put the time and effort and work into what happened over the next eight years. Both Graham and Richie reflected on what went wrong and put goals and plans in place to ensure this soul crushing loss never happened again. Graham Henry went on to be one the most successful rugby coaches of all time and 10 of the 2007 All Blacks team went on to win the 2011 World Cup, and five from that loosing 2007 team were involved in the 2015 winning All Blacks team – including of course the rugby God that is Richie McCaw.

Over the past month, I have been talking about the importance of goal setting. How it’s important to have a clear idea of what you want, a plan, a measure or amount, a way of tracking progress, an end date to work to and being accountable. By far the best way to keep yourself accountable is to have a great coach supporting you on your journey. Apart from keeping you accountable and on track, they can instruct, guide and motivate you to reach your goal.

When I worked at a well-known gym (which I won’t name), we were told that the chances of a person hitting a health or fitness goal are improved by 70% simply by having a great coach (sorry to say the remaining 30% is still up to your hard work). Gyms know this and that’s how they make their money. They sign you up to a contract, offer one free personal training session (usually by their junior trainers) to get you started knowing that 12% of new members will stop going regularly to the gym after a couple of months, never getting close to their goals. Working with a coach therefore is vital to improving your chances of success.

I dare say most of you can type “bench press” into Google and get 1000’s of great buff looking trainers showing you how to perform this exercise. However, is it the best exercise for you, your goal, your program? Do you feel safe putting yourself under a heavy bar with no knowledge other than the buff dude you just watched on Instagram? For the record there are more than 20 finer points to consider for this exercise alone, do you know them? No YouTube video from “Biff’s Hot Body Fitness” channel is going to point these out to you if you’re not using the right technique.

Then there’s all the confusing information about diets and meal plans: Keto, Atkins, plant based, no carbs, more Carbs, fasting etc. It can get very confusing and that’s not even mentioning your portion sizes, macros, gluten free, dairy free or some of the many other different things to think about.

This is where a great health & wellness coach comes in. They can listen carefully to all you desire and navigate through all of the information out there to give you the best plan to hit your goals. They should have years of not just study behind them but practical experience to properly guide you through your journey so that you don’t waste your time, effort, money or more importantly, end up injured.

So how do you choose a great health & wellness coach, and I say great because why would you settle for less? I am also going to say that getting a great coach will cost you, but let me ask you this - if you were having heart surgery would you be happy with a surgeon who averaged “C” on their med school exams and only had one year’s experience? I don’t think so. Plus, with everything going on in the world today with Covid, shouldn’t your overall health be your number one priority?

Here’s a few questions to ask yourself when looking for your coach:

  • Firstly, look at the experience and qualifications. Have they done a free two month online personal training course, or have they spent years at a Technical College or University?

  • How long have they been practicing?

  • Do they practice what they preach, are they leading by example?

  • Have they got a plan to help you?

  • Are they approachable and communicate well?

  • Can they instruct you well in a way that you can understand?

  • Do they have a great knowledge of nutrition and the specific needs you may have?

  • Are they focused and engaged with you? (Believe it or not I have seen trainers looking at Facebook whilst conducting sessions)

  • Do they keep you accountable and keep you on track, do they have a plan to do this?

  • Do they listen properly to every goal you have?

  • Can they work with any health or injury issues you may have?

  • Do you click with them?

  • Can they show you testimonials from c

So, choosing a great coach is important like any other professional you engage, whether that’s an Accountant to help your financial health or a Doctor when you’re unwell, a qualified Personal Trainer, who is also a great coach, is vital for your health and wellness. And if I haven’t convinced you yet, check out this article from the Australian Institute of Fitness.

Like the All Blacks, choose that great coach who can guide and support you on your journey to health and wellness success.

Contact me now for a free consultation and let me show you that I will be your great coach.


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