Avoid another Annus Horribillis

As the Queen famously said in 1992, it was her “annus horribillis” (horrible year). I’m sure she would say that 2021 was another horrible year for her with the loss of Prince Phillip but for many of us, we would have trouble deciding if 2020 or 2021 was our horrible year!

At the beginning of each year I reflect on the year that has been - did I achieve all my goals, what did I do well, what could I have done better? There were certainly some curve balls thrown at us again in 2021 that caused some “wrinkles” in my plan and I didn’t achieve everything that I wanted to. When I looked back on why I didn’t achieve everything, I realised that I allowed myself to constantly be distracted by all the noise of the pandemic. I lost my way down rabbit holes of news stories about what each country was or wasn’t doing to manage the situation. I allowed myself to get angry at the controls that were being put in place as I felt that I couldn’t do what I wanted to, when I wanted to do it. All of this “stuff” that impacted on my ability to achieve my goals - I allowed to happen. I allowed the distractions to impact on my motivation to get things done, to put actions in place to achieve my goals and to live the healthy lifestyle I know I need to live to maintain my own fitness and wellbeing. To be honest, I was really disappointed in myself. Rather than beat myself up though and continue the bad habits I had developed, I’ve decided that 2022 WILL BE DIFFERENT!

Lucky for me, I’m a big fan of goal setting - it’s what keeps me motivated to keep doing what I love doing – living life! There are many benefits to goal setting and many ways to go about setting, monitoring and achieving your goals, some of which I’ll share with you throughout the week on my Facebook page. The method I like to follow involves setting goals in the following categories:

• Health & wellness

• Financial

• Career

• Relationships

• Spiritual/Mindfulness

There are subcategories under these headings but that gives you an idea of how wide my goal setting goes. I would usually write a list of goals under each category and use the SMART technique to prioritise when I’ll achieve each one. Each week I then plan out my tasks that I’ll do in order to progress towards achieving my goals.

Some very achievable daily goals that I’ve started doing already are:

• No reading social media or news sites in the morning. Reading these usually sets my mood for the day (usually a bad mood!) and ultimately is time wasting – so many more positive and productive things I could be doing with my time than sitting around reading about the same old bad news stories of the world.

• Morning workout. Depending on the day, this could simply be some yoga and stretches to wake up the body and the mind or a workout routine in my gym to keep my body and immune system strong and healthy.

• Daily journaling. I like to write down all the things I’m thankful for every day to remind me that I have many positive things going on in my life and that it isn’t all doom and gloom. I also like to remind myself about my goals and how my progress is going in achieving them – this keeps me accountable.

• Healthy eating. Like everyone, Christmas is a time for eating lots of yummy food. I’m getting myself back on the healthy bandwagon and eliminating processed foods, eating lots of fruit and vege and mixing up my proteins between meat and plant based. In fact, one of my goals for this year is to eat more plant-based protein (but I’m admit I’ll never give up my venison).

I can honestly say that these changes have improved not only my mental health but also my energy levels and productivity – I’m getting lots done each day. I personally don’t see that 2022 will be much different to 2021 as we try to get on with the new normal of living in this worldwide pandemic. What we can all do though is take personal responsibility for our health and wellbeing so we can be prepared physically and mentally for whatever comes our way.

For you to achieve positive change in your life, I really believe you need to set goals, put action plans in place to achieve them and then follow through. If your goals in 2022 include taking personal responsibility for your health and wellbeing, I’d love to help you achieve them. Contact me today for a no obligation, free discussion about what changes you want to make so that 2022 is not a “annus horribilis” for you.


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