Online Training

Personal training at your fingertips just one of the many advantages of Online Personal Training. But what is online training and how can it help you to fast track your goals, and get you the results you want?

Some of the greatest barriers for people engaging a Personal Trainer are cost, time and location. Whilst we all know that having someone keeping you accountable works brilliantly and will get you to your health goals faster, it can sometimes be out of reach for a lot of people. Also, busy schedules around work and family can make it really difficult to commit to long-term plans consistently, which is needed to achieve results. 

Location can be an issue for a lot of people. I have trained many clients over the years who have pleaded with me to try and help their family member who lives miles away from them and sadly I was unable to help. 

This is where Online Personal Training comes into its own. As I can help you get fantastic, life-changing results no matter if you live in Auckland, Sydney, Vancouver, London or Alaska. It's like having me there with you, on your own personal device, at whatever time or place you choose to train.

Whatever your budget or goals, I am able to help you by providing up to date programs that specifically target what you are wanting to achieve. Whether you belong to a gym, have your own equipment at home or have nothing, there's a way I help you.

Easy to follow instructional videos on the Bodies Alive Training app, tailored nutritional plans with tracking via MyFitnessPal as well as regular coaching and support to keep you on target to reach all your goals. 


Easy to follow


training plans

incorporating schedule

and meal plans


Detailed workouts

designed with your 

individual goals

in mind


Easy to follow

Instructional videos 

to make sure correct

form used


Daily tracking

of eating and 

meals to keep

you on track


Up to date progress

recording to see

how close to goals you