This is our premium package and is designed for people who are serious about making some real changes in their lifestyle and health. It’s broken down into 5 stages spread over a 12-week period that is truly life changing. Each stage has been carefully thought out so you can make a sustainable lifestyle change for a healthier and fitter you.


Phase 1 week 1-2

Before we can really transform you we need to fully understand what is going on on the inside. In this initial stage we do a lot of in-depth consultation and detective work. Using both detailed questionnaires and a comprehensive food sensitivity test to fully understand and find answers as to why previous diets may not have worked for you. Potential allergies to various foods could be causing harmful effects to your gut health and energy levels. We will also obtain a detailed profile of your metabolism for your body profile.


Phase 2 Weeks 3-4 

Once we fully understand your unique make-up its time to cleanse your system of all the toxins and nasties. This is done by detoxing – a procedure where you follow a strict diet, eliminating toxins, alcohol, all processed and junk foods, wheat products, meat, dairy and especially any foods that came up in the testing phase. We also introduce specialized detox formulas designed to cleanse your system. This phase will be amazing, as you’ll discover new energy and reinvigorate your tastebuds.


During these initial phases the personalized training sessions twice weekly will be of a lower intensity as your body adjusts to the changes. It is also where we introduce some of the unique workbooks and resources that will help you through the program. These include the 30-day breakthrough journal and the training and food diary to record your workouts and progress.


Phase 3 Weeks 5-6 

Now that the detox and cleansing phase is complete and we’ve removed the toxins, it’s time to introduce your personalized meal plan. This is tailored to you based on the information gathered and will help you to not only lose unwanted body fat, but build muscle tone and strength to improve your movement and energy. Our unique Bodies Alive training system that’s been developed over many years will safely help you reach your goals.


Phase 4 weeks 7-10 

At this stage we look to consolidate the gains you’ve made, but also to ramp things up and change the approach. One of the reasons people hit plateaus is they fail to change and adapt. We are constantly monitoring and adjusting things as we go through the program to make sure you keep making great progress.


PHase 5 Week 11-12 

The final push to the finish line. Congratulations! You’ve done amazingly well and feel great. In this final stage we aim to give you the tools to carry on and make this a lasting lifestyle change. Throughout the 12 weeks we have been coaching and mentoring you with the changes through our weekly coaching sessions, but in the final week we look to help you take charge and set yourself up for success. We have many ways to help you maintain your break free change and transition you and we will arm you with these strategies as you finish your final stage.

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