This is the first of our premium packages and runs for six weeks.


Phase 1

After a detailed initial consultation we do a range of tests to get a clear picture of your starting point. These include body composition and weight tests, strength, movement and core stability testing and also aerobic and anaerobic testing.


Phase 2

It’s time to analyse your diet log and to prepare a personalized meal plan based on carefully worked out macro-nutrient portion sizes specifically tailored according to your body profile.


Phase 3

Get ready to get started on the 12  1 on 1 training sessions and to help you reach your goals you’ll receive your new Bodies Alive journal. These training sessions are specifically tailored to help you reach your goals.


Throughout the six weeks we regularly monitor your progress and make adjustments where needed.

Bonus add ons

  • Access to all classes to really fast track progress.

  • Detox cleansing.

  • Food sensitivity testing.

  • Adrenal/stress testing.

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